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Dates of Upcoming Elections in Various Provinces

Many pro-lifers tend to ignore provincial politics, assuming all the important stuff happens federally.  Not true. It’s actually very important to get involved at the provincial level to advance the pro-life/pro-family cause. The reality is that there are more gains that can be achieved with legislation/regulations by pro-life provincial legislators, then there are at the federal level.

Working together in every province, we can make progress in many areas, including some the following examples:

  • Eliminating the use of taxpayer dollars to fund elective abortions
  • Parental consent/notification legislation for minors seeking abortion
  • Requirement for women seeking abortion to view an ultrasound of their unborn child

Please study the chart below and plan to get involved in your province’s next provincial election. Here are some important ways to get involved:

-Consider seeking the nomination for one of the parties in your own provincial riding

-Encourage well-rounded pro-life people in your circle of influence to run for provincial office

-Help Campaign Life Coalition identify where the candidates stand on important pro-life issues


Province Election Date Party in Power Type of Government
Ontario June 7, 2018 Liberal Majority
New Brunswick September 24, 2018 Liberal Majority
Quebec October 1, 2018 Liberal Majority  
Alberta May 31, 2019 NDP Majority
North West Territories October 7, 2019 Independents Non-aligned consensus
Prince Edward Island October 7, 2019 Liberal Majority
Newfoundland and Labrador October 8, 2019 Liberal Majority
Manitoba October 6, 2020 Liberal Majority
Saskatchewan November 2, 2020 Sask Party Majority
British Columbia *May 11, 2021 NDP Minority
Nova Scotia June 9, 2021 Liberal Majority
Yukon November 7, 2021 Liberal Majority

*Since British Columbia’s NDP government only holds minority status, a provincial election could be called before the next specified date if the government fails to win on a vote of confidence in the legislature.


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