Federal Elections

2019: Time to win our country back

In 2019, will Canadians send Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government packing or will the nation fall under the boot of the prime minister’s anti-life and anti-family regime once more?

Tyranny Under Trudeau

Since coming to power, Trudeau (a self-professed “Catholic”) has shown that he’s fully committed to promoting a globalist agenda aimed at destroying the family – the very foundation of Western Civilization – by unabashedly enforcing socialist and communist ideologies.

While he has, in the past, declared his own opposition to abortion, Justin doesn’t seem to mind spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to ensure more babies are killed overseas. Infamously, on March 8, 2017, against the backdrop of International Women’s Day, the prime minister announced that Canada will spend $650 million to promote abortion in developing countries. You have to let that figure sink in because it’s too unbelievable to wrap your head around: Canada will spend more than half a billion taxpayer dollars on sex-education, contraception, increasing access to abortion, and lobbying other countries to change their laws. What’s more, Trudeau has shown no shame in re-distributing the hard-earned wealth of Canadians to the pushers of death, claiming his plan is somehow advancing feminism. There’s no telling to what kind of damage this abuse of power will cause to families and how it will sap the lifeblood of so many other nations. This ideological colonialism must stop.

Under Trudeau’s lead, on the other end of life, Canada opened the floodgates to euthanasia. So, by all accounts, this prime minister has worked hard to establish a legacy of legalized murder.

In addition, Trudeau never seems to miss an opportunity to prove his loyalty to the LGBT cause,marching in “pride” parades across the country. His Liberal government also plans to introduce legislation that would legalize marijuana, despite the abundance of evidence suggesting this gateway drug can be quite harmful. The list of Trudeau’s grievances is growing, but it won’t be long before Canadians get the chance to make a difference and remove him from power

Stay Informed

According to Elections Canada, the latest date for the next federal election is October 19, 2019. However, that doesn’t mean a general election can’t be held before then.

In the meantime, please continue visiting Campaign Life Coalition’s website as we get closer to the election date for more details and analysis.

How to Cast Your Ballot

Since we are 2 years away from the federal election, our Voters Guide cannot yet be produced. For interest sake, you may want to check out our 2015 Voter's Guide where CLC had qualified more than 100 pro-life candidates in ridings across the country.  If your riding is not listed here, it may be the case that there was no pro-life candidate, or merely that the candidates did not respond to CLC's election questionnaire. 

Click here for the 2015 Voter's Guide

Upcoming By-elections

There are currently two federal by-elections to tell you about:

-       Lac-Saint-Jean: Conservative MP Denis Lebel won this riding in the last federal election. He was the deputy leader of the party, and a former cabinet minister for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Lebel is resigning his seat over the summer of 2017. DATE OF BY-ELECTION: TBD.

-       Sturgeon River—Parkland: Conservative MP Rona Ambrose won this riding in the last federal election. The former interim party leader resigned on July 4, 2017. DATE OF BY-ELECTION: It must be announced by December 31, 2017.

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