All-Candidates Meeting

You can help Campaign Life Coalition by attending an all-candidates meeting during election time and asking questions on life/family issues that force the candidates to divulge their position. Then report the answers back to us.

Sample questions you can ask at All-Candidates Meetings

  1. Organizations like Planned Parenthood (PP) and its affiliate, The Canadian Federation for Sexual Health (CFSH), routinely counsel women to have abortions. Given that abortion is a controversial practice that many taxpayers in your municipality find abhorrent, do you agree that PP (or CFSH) should not receive taxpayer funds through the city?
  2. Do you acknowledge that human life begins at conception (fertilization)?
  3. Do you consider yourself pro-life___ or pro-choice___?


Project: Citizen Journalist

Our website now features the capability of showing video clips of MPs and candidates. Please volunteer as a reporter with PROJECT: CITIZEN JOURNALIST

Tools required: (1) friend, (1) camcorder or video enabled camera / phone

Step 1: Find the date(s) of upcoming all candidates meetings (or nomination meetings) in your riding.
Step 2: Attend the meeting with your friend.
Step 3: Try getting seats as close as possible to stage (for best sound quality).
Step 4: Ask one of the sample questions above.
Step 5: While you are questioning, and the candidates are responding, your friend is filming their answers.
Step 6: Contact CLC to arrange getting the video to us. If the video is good, we will post it on the candidates' personal web profile (see sample right), so that all voters can know their position.


Locations and dates for key all-candidates meetings